The purposes of the Association are:

To be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, in the interest of maintaining and improving the residential qualities of the Rachel Ridge community in New Lenox, Illinois. These purposes include, but are not limited to:

  1. Encouraging neighborly communication and cooperative action among the residents of the community;
  2. Encouraging all residents to participate in promoting community pride and improvements;
  3. Promoting beautification of the community;
  4. Cooperating with governmental units and other civic organizations to further community interests and with other associations having similar aims and purposes;
  5. Discouraging commercial or industrial encroachment, opposing community deterioration and the further development of multi-family dwellings;
  6. Cooperating with police, sheriff, fire department, law enforcement agencies, and others to encourage observance, development, and practice of optimum security, safety, health, and sanitary practices throughout the community;
  7. Promoting development and maintenance of public parks in the community consistent with community standards;
  8. Promoting maintenance and improvement of public schools and libraries in the community;
  9. Adopting by-laws to carry out the purposes of this corporation, including provisions relating to the territorial limits of the Rachel Ridge community; requirements for membership, financing, and general procedures for operating and administering the corporate business.